Below are links to articles and documents to read for more information about your health.

Let’s Get Real About This So-Called “Plan-Demic”

There is a Choice: A Review of Cilla’s HP Book

3 Reasons Why PMA

9 Signs of a Leaky Gut

Andropause & Testosterone

Basic Facts Essential Oils

Bedtime Prayer

Blood Sugar Serotonin

Brain Document Dr. Caroline Leaf

Breastmilk & Toxins

Chemical, Manmade Sugar, Aspartame

Chemicals to Avoid in Everyday Personal Care Products

Chronic Pain Exercise

Cigarette Facts Handout

Cleansing of the Room – House

Coconut Oil

Complications of Diabetes

CranioSacral Therapy

Definition of Emotions

Diabetes Mellitus

ElectroDermal Screening (EDS) Handout

Emotion Code Chart

Estrogen Dominance

Explaining How a Thought is Formed


Fearless Scriptures


Food Sensitivity Symptoms

Gentle Liver/Gall Bladder Cleanse

Hair Analysis Testing Information

Halo Light Therapy

Heal the Gut – Bone Broth

Heart Handout

Holistic Dentistry

Hypoglycemia & Insulin Resistance

Hypothyroidism Confusion

Immune Function Dr. Jernigan

Mediterranean Diet

BioScanSRT Drainage and Elimination

Nutrition Information Dr. Royal Lee

Nutrition Response Testing FAQ

Nutrition Support Chart – Immune

Nutrition Support Chart – Pain

Nutrition Support Chart – Trauma

Progressing to Freedom

QEEG – Brain Mapping Instructions

Replacement Food Ideas

Restaurants – Local Organic Focus

Salt & Adrenal Fatigue

Signs of Gall Bladder Dysfunction

Sports Medicine

Stevia Conversion Chart



The Herxheimer Reaction

Thyroid Gland

Trans Fatty Acids

Travel Support

What is a Stronghold

What Is Neurofeedback

Why So HCL Deficient