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8120 Penn Avenue South, Suite 270, Bloomington, MN 55431

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At Sano Wellness Clinic, we provide a variety of assessment tools, treatments and techniques to find the root cause of your health problem so you can begin to heal naturally.

Call us today for your initial consultation and get started on the path to complete health!


Please know we honor you and your appointment time. Though we make every effort to run on time, please be aware that individualized care can cause us to get behind from time to time. Thank you for your patience and know we will extend you the same courtesy in your care.

Existing Clients:

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New Patients: In order to be seen on your first appointment, you must:

1.  Print and fill out the new patient forms listed below.  

2.  Watch the Vibrational Medicine video.  Janelle will send it to your email upon you scheduling your initial appointment.

3.  Arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment time.

We ask this so that we can view your history before you come for your first consultation, saving you time and money.  If you do not have an email or you are unable to print a document, please let us know in advance.


Current Patients:  

  1. Please fill out Patient Intake Form online at home or in the office prior to your appointment on our handheld tablets.
  2. Remember to fill out your Wellness Progress Chart.

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